Renewing or Replacing a Driving Licence

Information on renewing or replacing a lost driving licence in Indonesia; also information on hiring an agent for licence applications...

Losing or transferring a licence

If a licence is lost or destroyed:

  • Report to the local police and file a report that the licence is missing. The police will issue a 'Letter of Explanation of Loss' which can be presented to the driving authorities. There is a procedure involved, but a replacement licence will likely be obtained.

Transferring a driving licence (change of residence)

  • The holder of a driving licence must report to the local Office of Motor Vehicles (Satpas) within two months of moving residence
  • If the two-month period elapses, the holder must apply for a new licence

Renewing a driving licence

In order to renew a driver's licence, licence holders must:

  • Report to the same Satpas office where the driving licence (SIM) was first issued
  • Take an eye test
  • Submit the old licence, passport, KITAS and photocopies of both documents
  • Pay the fee requested (see Driving Licence Fees above). An extra fee is charged for the eye test.

Returning a SIM licence on departure from Indonesia

When foreign holders of a SIM licence return to their home country, they must report to the same Office of Motor Vehicles (Satpas) where they obtained their licence and return it. If the licence is not returned, it will not hinder departure from the country; but, if a person ever returns and reapplies for a new licence, the fact that the licence was not returned might affect eligibility.

Local Agents

Some foreigners hire an agent to speed up the process for getting an Indonesian driving licence.

Private services known as Biro Jasa (Service Bureau) have agents for hire. An agent needs the required documents and then a person only needs to go to the Office of Motor Vehicles or Satpas to provide a signature, and have a photograph and fingerprints taken. Though the law requires driving and written tests, sometimes the use of an agent means that these steps are bypassed. In this case, the fee will be expensive. Expect to pay at least double the fee that would usually be paid by doing the process in person.