Who is Eligible to Work in Indonesia?

Understand who can apply for a work permit and who is eligible to work in Indonesia...

Work permits are issued by Regional Offices of the Ministry of Manpower (Kanwil Kemenakertrans).  The Ministry of Manpower (Kementerian Tenaga Kerja dan Transmigrasi) lists all professional positions in Indonesia that are open to foreign nationals, including technicians, directors, managers, field experts, and teachers. As unemployment is an ongoing problem in Indonesia, this department safeguards employment positions for locals.

Indonesian companies who hire foreigners are expected to provide professional training for local employees in the area of expertise the foreign worker provides. The government monitors job training efforts in such companies; this is one reason that work permits are granted on a short-term basis.

As Indonesia has a high rate of unemployment, restrictions on foreign employment have been strict.

Regardless of the contract drawn up between an Indonesian-based company and a prospective foreign employee, the company providing employment must apply for and obtain a work permit for a new employee. Contracts are reviewed by Indonesian authorities when they review the request for a work permit.

An application for a work permit and an application for a temporary stay visa are both processed together.

Foreign citizens married to an Indonesian

Foreigners married to an Indonesian citizen can obtain permanent residency after two years of marriage, giving them the right to work without sponsorship. Once permanent residency has been obtained, they only need to report to immigration once every five years for an administrative renewal. There is a substantial fee for this.

The law was officially implemented in 2013 but is applied inconsistently depending on the city or immigration office.

In theory, the process is straight-forward although does require a lot of documentation.

Once married for 10 or more years, in the event of divorce, a permanent residency permit remains valid.