Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community in Italy

Information for gay men and women living in Italy, including details of social groups and events...

There is a wealth of information for gay and lesbians living in or visiting Italy. Homosexuality has been legal in Italy since 1889 and the age of consent is 14, as it is for heterosexuals.

Open physical affection in public places is not recommended.

Italy has allowed civil partnerships “Formazioni Sociali Specifiche” between same-sex couples since 2016. 

Gay and Lesbian Organisations in Italy

Website GayFriendlyItaly.com, in English, has information on gay history, the law and homophobia, gay events, and gay-friendly towns across the country.

Arcigay (Italian Lesbian Gay Association) has a network of offices throughout the country. The website contains a directory of gay-friendly bars, saunas, and clubs, as well as meeting times for legal and psychological advice.

Arcilesbica (Italian Lesbian Association) works to combat discrimination against lesbians in Italy and to increase their visibility.

Circolo di Cultura Omosessuale Mario Mieli is run by voluntary workers and provides information and advice for homosexuals in Italy.

The association can offer legal advice, help to those who are HIV positive, and has a helpline.

Further Information

  • Gay.it is a gay lifestyle site (in Italian)