Health Insurance Registration Renewal

Find out how long your registration with the Italian Health Service lasts and when it will be renewed...

EU nationals

Working or self-employed EU nationals will be registered with the National Health Service (SSN) for the period of their employment:

  • If the job contract is permanent, the NHS registration is permanent
  • If the job contract has a fixed time of less than one year, the person stays registered with the SSN until the work contract expires
  • If the job contract has a fixed time limit of more than one year, the registration with SSN must be renewed yearly

An EU national who lived in Italy legally and on an uninterrupted basis at least five years, acquires the right of permanent residence which entails a permanent registration with the SSN.

Unemployed EU nationals have the right to stay registered with the SSN providing the unemployment is involuntary and that the person has worked at least one year before. Involuntary unemployment after a fixed-term contract lasting less than one year also gives the right to stay registered with SSN.

Foreign nationals

Unless employed or self-employed, enrolment in the National Health Service is valid for the same duration as the residence permit. During renewal of a stay permit, a new Medical Card will be issued with an expiration date of 31 December of that year though no additional payment will be required.

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