How To Find a Doctor in Italy

An easy solution to finding the right Doctor...

Italian is the official language in Italy and is spoken throughout the country. Only a limited number of doctors speak English. Therefore, finding English-speaking doctors near you in Italy can be difficult.


We have the solution for you:


Mobidoctor is an easily accessible website that provides online doctor’sconsultations in English.


Here are some benefits when choosing Mobidoctor:


  • It takes only 60 seconds to sign-up and book a consultation
  • Receive the consultation at any place, at any time. You only need a mobile, a tablet, or a laptop to book a consultation.
  • While an average cost of consultation in Italy ranges from €80 - €200, which can be higher on weekends, Mobidoctor charges only €24 per consultation. It is less than one-third of the average price in Italy. But don't worry, the low cost does not mean low quality.
  • Doctors offer online consultations and are available 365 days a year, from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. It is a significant source of comfort for the users.
  • After the appointment, you receive a prescription to use at any pharmacy.

Therefore, Mobidoctor is an excellent source whenever you need a doctor in Italy. It is convenient, reliable, and inexpensive.