Antenatal Care in Italy

Information about about antenatal care in Italy...

Antenatal medical examinations

As soon as a woman thinks she is pregnant, she should visit a gynaecologist for urine tests and confirmation of pregnancy.

In Italy pregnant women may be entitled to the following examinations free of charge:

  • Blood tests (including tests for toxoplasmosis)
  • Three echographies (ultrasound scans) during the course of the pregnancy
  • A tri-test (A tri test is a test done at approximately the fifteenth week to check the possibility of the baby having Down's Syndrome. If the test comes back positive then an amniocentesis is highly recommended.)

It is highly recommended that women over the age of 35 have an amniocentesis. All the medical examinations linked to pregnancy, done before, during or after the birth, are free of charge.

Before the pregnancy, it is also advisable for the father to have a general medical examination and run blood tests (not free of charge).