Italian Postal Codes/Zip Codes and the Post Office

Posting a letter in Italy? Find out how to make sure that the letter is addressed correctly...

The Postal service in Italy is managed by Poste Italiane. Services include mailing letters and parcels, banking and financial services, and managing certain local administrative matters. Poste Italiane also has services catering specifically to small businesses.

The Vatican state has its own postal service. Stamps can be bought in the Vatican City; mail with Vatican stamps must be posted there.

Post/Zip Code Finder

Italian postcodes (Codice di Avviamento Postale, CAP) are five digits long, the first two indicate the town and province and the last three, the street.

Writing Italian Addresses

There is a specific way to write an Italian address. The surname (family name) is usually written before the Christian/first name and the house/building number comes after the street name. As many buildings in Italy are apartment buildings, make sure that the post box has the correct name on it.

The postal code is written before the town name and the two-figure province code is written at the end of the line, without brackets.

  • Bianchi Gianni
    Via Roma 32
    10123 Torino TO

When posting to Italy from overseas, it may be useful to insert the ISO country code "I-" before the postcode ("I-10123 Torino", in the example above).

Glossary of Postal Terms

English Italian
post office ufficio postale
counter sportello
normal (second class) post posta ordinaria
priority (first class) post posta prioritaria
insured post posta assicurata
express mail postacelere
airmail per via aerea
stamp francobollo
mailbox (at home for receiving post) cassetta postale
postcode codice di avviamento postale (CAP)
registered post posta raccomandata
change of address cambio di indirizzo
post office box casella postale
post office bank account conto bancoposta
foreign currency exchange cambiavalute
traveller's cheque assegno turistico