Rental Offers Through an Estate Agent

Understand the estate agent rental offer...

If an apartment, house or villa is selected for rental through an estate agent, the future tenant can sign a rental offer (proposta di locazione) with the agent. This is legally considered a pre-contract.

The written offer will state the following:

  • Names and addresses of both tenant and landlord
  • Property address
  • Brief description of the size of the property
  • Rental amount offered
  • Required date of availability
  • Requirements related to the property regarding repairs or requests for furnishings
  • Duration of validity of the offer (usually 2 to 8 days)

The offer is accompanied by an agreed deposit.

The offer is submitted for approval by the landlord. If the offer is accepted, the tenant and landlord proceed to the actual contract and the money advanced is returned. If the offer is not accepted, the money is returned. If the offer is accepted and the person chooses not to rent the property, then they will likely forfeit the money.

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