Inventory and Repairs

When moving in tenants may be required to sign an inventory of the contents of the property; (furnishing, fixtures and fittings), and agree the condition of them...

When moving into a long-term rental property, it's necessary to complete an inventory (inventario) of its contents and a report on its condition. This includes the condition of fixture and fittings, the state of furniture and furnishings, the cleanliness and state of the decoration, and anything else that's damaged or missing or in need of repair.

An inventory should be provided by the landlord or agent and may include every single item in a furnished property. The inventory check should be carried out in the presence of the tenant, both when taking over and when terminating a rental agreement. If an inventory isn't provided, the incoming tenant should insist on one being prepared and annexed to the lease.

If a serious fault is found after signing the inventory, send a registered letter to the landlord and ask for it to be attached to the inventory. Utility companies should read meters before the new tenant moves in, although they may need to organise this.

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