Going Online in Italy

The Internet options available to you in your home in Italy...

Widespread and reliable internet access is slowly developing in Italy and access very much depends on location. Broadband is available mainly in urban areas and big cities. Smaller villages may only have dial-up or ISDN access available. Satellite Internet is available in rural areas but this is a more expensive option.

The Internet service market in Italy remains dominated by the operator Telecom Italia (Alice), however, the providers are numerous. Some of the most popular providers are listed below. Note: all websites are in Italian.

(This list is not exhaustive)

In areas that do not have access to broadband ADSL Alice provides a flat-rate connection fee called Teleconomy Internet, which offers connection via dial-up or ISDN (faster than dial-up, but still fairly slow). All other providers also offer a dial-up service.

Some companies, such as TIM and Vodafone, also offer connections via a mobile phone (which means a connection can only be made if a signal can be obtained). A dedicated mobile phone is suggested for users who plan to use the internet heavily.

It is also possible to connect to the Internet at caf├ęs and Internet bars.

Internet in Tuscany

In Tuscany, Eutelia offers wide area wireless broadband service.