Getting a Telephone Connection

Find out how to get your new home connected to the landline telephone service in Italy...

Handy Tips and Numbers

To call internationally from Italy: dial the exit code followed by country code and number exit: 00 +
To call an Italian landline from outside Italy: dial the entry code followed by Italian number including the "0" 39 + 0 number
To call an Italian mobile cellular telephone from outside Italy: dial the entry code followed by Italian number excluding "0" 39 + number
Operator for collect calls 170
Directory Information 12
International directory enquiries (English-speaking) 176
Telecom Italia's customer service 187
Time 161
Wake-up call 114
  • When calling within Italy, always include the full area code (starts with "0" and may be two or three digits: eg: Rome "06")
  • When calling Italy from outside Italy dial the country code (39) and full area code including the "0" (0 plus two or three digits: eg: Rome "06")

Online telephone directories:

  • Yellow pages (Pagine Gialle) For business and company numbers
  • White pages (Pagine Bianche) For private phone numbers and addresses

Coloured telephone numbers

Some public-service telephone numbers are referred to by colour; the colour corresponds to the type of service provider to which they connect the caller.

  • Green numbers (numeri verdi): freephone/toll-free numbers start with 800 or 147 (from inside Italy only; may not be available from mobile phones)
  • Blue numbers (numeri azzurri): to report child abuse
  • Pink numbers (numeri rosa): to report abuse of women
  • Violet numbers (numeri viola): to report any sort of abuse
  • Red numbers (numeri rossi): pregnancy/prenatal advice
  • Orange numbers (numeri arancioni): psychiatric help

Land Line Telephones

Landline telephone numbers in Italy are between eight and eleven numbers long and begin with a "0". The "0" must be dialled when calling the number both from within Italy and from abroad.

The national Italian telephone company, Telecom Italia is responsible for providing the landline telephone service in Italy. Telecom Italia offers telephone and Internet services for private individuals and small companies as well as medium and large entities.

The law assigns to Telecom Italia the responsibility to guarantee to users, nationwide, the supply of telephone services (local, national and international calls, transmission of data via fax as well as connection to the Internet) at a reasonable price and at non-discriminatory rates. However, with a deregulated telecommunications market, users are entitled to choose another provider, either as a substitute for Telecom Italia, or in addition to the services offered by Telecom Italia. All telephone companies offer a choice in tariff and combination package options.

To get a landline telephone service with Telecom Italia

The following information is required to initiate telephone service:

  • Tax number (codice fiscale)
  • Address where the line needs to be installed
  • Phone number at which the applicant may be contacted
  • Type of service required (basic analogue, ISDN or ADSL)
  • Number of extensions required
  • Additional telephone service required, such as a special tariff package
  • Model (name, colour) of telephone, if applicable
  • Whether the applicant would like their number to be included in the local phone book

Telecom Italia will then assign a new telephone number, and an appointment will be set up with a technician to come and connect the telephone (this may take from a couple of days to a couple of weeks).

Telecom Italia has details on the options available to pay a telephone bill.

Other landline telephone service providers

Besides Telecom Italia, some other service providers in Italy are:

Refer to the provider websites for details on how to request service. All providers will require the same information as Telecom Italia to initiate service.

It is usually possible to keep the current telephone number when transferring to another provider.