Understanding the Italian water supply system...

Every comune has its own water company. The water supply is controlled by the comune and pricing can depend on the size of reserves and rainfall received in the region. Contact the Ufficio Acquedotto at the comune offices to initiate service.

Mains water supply is limited to a fixed, metered amount per household and an annual consumption which exceeds the limit must be paid for.

"Outdoors" water (for outdoor watering or to fill a swimming pool) requires a specific contract (uso vario) and is metered separately.

Water is usually billed twice a year with an "estimate". When the meter is read, an adjusted bill is sent. At this point it is recommended to confirm the reading to make sure the figures are correct.

Getting connected

To arrange to receive water, provide the local water company with the following:

  • Tax code (Codice Fiscale)
  • Identification document (Documento Identit√†)

Note: Generally, residents of apartments and condominiums will pay the water bill as part of the fees, no special arrangements are needed.

The Political Resources website has a list of Italian Municipalities and contact details