Teens and Driving

The regulations affecting teenage drivers in Italy...

Driving Licences - Mopeds

To drive a moped or motorcycle of 50cc and under, the driver must be at least 14 years old.  After passing an exam, the driver will carry a category AM licence. This replaced the Certificato di idoneità, also known as the Patentino, in January 2013. A short training course at a local driving school must be completed before taking the exam.  As of January 2013, this exam can no longer be taken at local state schools.

While a 14 year old can drive a category AM vehicle in Italy, they must reach 16 years if age before doing so in most other EU countries. Those only eligible to drive category AM vehicles cannot carry passengers.

While the minimum age in Italy for category AM vehicles is 14, most other European states only allow AM vehicles to be driven at the age of 16.  This is still the case if the holder of an AM licence drives in another EU country.

Driving Licences - Motorcycles

To drive a motorcycle between 50cc and 125cc, the driver must have an A1 licence and be at least sixteen years of age.