Services and Support for People with Disabilities in Milan

Overview of where to go and what to do if you are mobility, sight or hearing impaired, a wheelchair or cane user and living in or visiting Milan and Lombardy...

Disabled Travel and Transport


In all major Italian airports there is a special service providing assistance to disabled people, including wheelchair service and assistance during boarding and landing. The assistance will be arranged through the airline once the airline is notified by the passenger. Assistance at Milan's Malpensa or Linate airports is provided by Sala Amica. Sala Amica's service does not include lifting baggage: a porter should be called for this service.

  • For information on the services and facilities available for passengers with special needs at Malpensa and Linate airports: Click here

Disabled travel and transport in Lombardy

The following transport companies have a fleet of buses specifically designed to accommodate the disabled.

  • Autoservizi Locatelli
    Via Furietti 17, 24126 Bergamo (BG)
    Tel: 035 319 366
    Fax: 035 320 303
  • Linee Lecco
    Piazza Bione 15, 23900 Lecco (LC)
    Tel: 0341 359 911
    Fax: 0341 359 999
  • Perletti
    Via 24, 24064 Grumello Del Monte (BG)
    Tel: 035 832 700
    Fax: 035 442 0529
  • Zani Viaggi
    Foro Buonaparte 76, 20121 Milan (MI)
    Tel: 02 867 131
    Fax: 02 804 190

Tourism for the Disabled in Lombardy

Milanopertutti is a tourism and leisure web portal for the disabled in Milan. It provides information on:

  • accessibility in Milan
  • visiting Milan including itineraries for disabled visitors
  • transports
  • links to other useful sites

Information regarding work

  • Handimpresa: Organisation based in Milan, aims to make it easier for disabled people to get jobs. Their website (in Italian) has useful links to help people find a job or a training session

Sporting associations for the disabled in Milan

The Regione Lombardia website (in Italian) lists sporting associations for people with disabilities in the region. Sports include horse riding, golf and hockey.

Atlha is an association for young people with special needs and disabilities. It provides information on sporting activities, leisure activities and events.

  • At: Via Casina Bellaria 90, 20151 Milan
    Tel: 02 482 06551
    Fax: 02 482 06553

Associations for the disabled in Lombardy

Associations for the Disabled and information centres can be found at the following Lombardy addresses: