Bus, Metro, Tram and Rail Services in Milan and Lombardy

Details and contact information on the regional and city transport system in Lombardy and Milan...

ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) manages the public transport service of the city of Milan and of 85 towns in the province. It provides underground train, urban tramway, inter-urban tramway, urban bus and trolley bus, interurban bus and airport transfer services.

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Most of Milan's transport services run from 06:00-24:00. The major lines continue until about 02:00.


Metro: Metro services operate between 06:00-24:00 and cover three lines:

  • Line 1 (red) runs from Sesto 1 Maggio FS to Molino Dorino and Bisceglie
  • Line 2 (green) connects Abbiategrasso Chiesa Rossa and Gessate
  • Line 3 (yellow) runs from S. Donato to Miaciachini

After midnight, a night-time bus service substitutes for lines 1 and 3 of the underground.

Urban Tramway: There are numerous tram routes that cover Milan. Generally trams run from 06:00-24:00. However, routes 4, 5, 7, 11, 15, 19, 23, 24, 29, 30, 33 continue until about 02:00 on weekdays.

Inter-urban Trams: These cover two routes. One route runs from Milan to Desio via Cusano and the other from Milan to Limbiate Hospital.

Urban Trolley Buses: There are four urban trolley buses, including routes 90, 91, 92 and 93.

Urban Buses: There 51 urban bus routes that cover the main areas and tourist attractions in Milan.

Interurban Buses: These services help people wishing to travel to places in the other provinces of Lombardy.

Radiobus: A variable-route minibus taxi service runs from 20:00-02:00. This service must be booked by telephone, SMS, fax, in person or online (Italian only). Reservations can be made at any time from three days in advance up to 18:00 on the day of travel. Telephone reservations are accepted up to the time of travel.

  • Radiobus General Information
    800 808 181 (daily 07:30-19:30)
  • Radiobus Reservations
    02 480 34803 (daily 13:00-02:00)
  • For further information on the Radiobus service: Click here

Cascina Gobba San Raffaele Connection: A light rail network that links Cascina Gobba to the San Raffaele Hospital. Trains leave every 7 to 15 minutes. This service is of particular use to disabled passengers or those who have difficulty walking. Trains from Cascine Gobba run Monday to Saturday from 06:40-20:00. The Sunday and weekend service operates from 13:00-20:00.

  • For further information on the Cascina Gobba San Raffaele Connection: Click here


A ticket within the metropolitan area costs very little. It is valid for 75 minutes and for only one underground trip. Books of 10 tickets are also available. Newspaper stands in underground stations sell Tourist tickets, which are valid for from 24 to 48 hours.

Buying a season ticket discounts the price of individual tickets (and gives discounts at participating shops, language courses and some shows). There are several types of season tickets for the elderly, students, the disabled and pensioners, in addition to ordinary annual season tickets. Weekly, monthly and season tickets must be kept in the personalised holder.

  • To find out where to get tickets and the holders: Click here

Ticket validation

Tickets must be validated before the start of a journey, using the validation machines. They are at the entry gates of the metro stations, within the entrance area of all rail stations and at the rear of buses and trams. During the journey, a ticket inspector may ask to see the ticket: a passenger without one may be fined.

Disabled Passengers

ATM provides information and services for disabled passengers.

  • Ufficio Disabili
    : Foro Bonaparte 61, Milan (MI)
    Tel: 02 480 31444
    Open: Monday to Friday 08:30-12:30 and 14:00-16:30

ATM also provides a free travel card to invalids resident in Lombardy who have been deemed over 67 percent disabled.

  • For information about travel for the disabled on the ATM network: Click here
  • To see which Underground and bus lines are accessible to travellers with reduced mobility, see the Milano Per Tutti website: Click here (in Italian)

Useful Contacts

  • ATM Lost and Found
    At: Via Friuli 30, 20135 Milan (MI)
    Tel: 02 884 53900 / 53908 / 53909
    Fax: 02 884 53919

For basic information or to make a suggestion or complaint, contact the ATMPoint:

Milan Train Stations

  • Stazione Central
    : Piazzale Duca d'Aosta 1, Milan
    : 892 021
    Lost property: 02 637 12570
  • Stazione Garibaldi
    : Piazza Freud, Milan 
    : 02 655 2078
  • Ferrovie Nord
    : Piazzale Cadorna, Milan 
    : 02 202 22

The regional train directorate can be contacted at the following address:

  • Lombardy Territorial Direction
    : Piazza S. Freud 1, Milan
    : 02 290 02482
    : 02 637 17487
    : Monday to Friday 09:00-12:00