How To Find a Doctor in Rome

An easy solution to finding the right Doctor...

Rome is the third most densely populated city of Italy, after Naples and Milan. 

When you are sick, any physical activity seems hard to accomplish. Going to a doctor and getting a consultation feels like the hardest thing to do. Moreover, visiting a doctor could be costly even for a regular check-up.  

Only a third of Italy's population speaking English, it could be hard to findan English speaking doctor in Rome

We have a solution that could come in handy in these difficult times.

Mobidoctor is a website that provides online consultation at any time and any place. It is an easily accessible and user-friendly website available for you 365 days a year from 8 am - 9 pm, which means you could get a consultation on any day, even on weekends. 

Why is Mobidoctor great solution?

- Easy Access, signing up takes only 60 seconds

Consultations only costs €24 per consultation, which is inexpensive(average charges in Italy, which vary from €80 - €200)

-Mobidoctor saves you time by cutting out the appointment process and connects you with a doctor in Rome within minutes. 

- Doctors provide consultations in English and give you a prescription which you can later show and get prescribed medication. 

- To use Mobidoctor, you only need a device that can be either a mobile, a laptop, a desktop, or a tablet and a stable internet connection.

Mobidoctor is a top-rated and professional platform that provides facilities to anyone looking for English speaking doctors