English Language Cinema

Information on how to find full listings of what's showing at the movies today in Rome, and where to find your nearest cinema...

Generally in Italy non-Italian films are dubbed into Italian rather than shown with subtitles. However, there are a few cinemas in Rome which show films in their original language. To identify these films when looking at listings, look for the marking VO (versione originale) beside the listing.

Film listings can be found in daily newspapers and in the Rome information guide, Roma C'e, which is available from all newsagent stands. Additionally, they can be located on various websites, as seen below.

National Websites

  • Trova Cinema: Search engine for current cinema listings (in Italian)
  • Yahoo: Yahoo cinema listings (in Italian)
  • Film IT: Website dedicated to films, with the facility to search for specific cinemas and films (in Italian)
  • Coming Soon: Features trailers, film information and a search facility to find out what films are showing at which cinemas (in Italian)
  • Internottola: Search for films and cinemas under the relevant province (in Italian)

Regional websites

  • Cinematagrafo: Website that lets you search for film by location or film title. Also has section on films on TV (in Italian)
  • Roma C'e: The online version of the weekly Roman guide to what's on in Rome includes film listings and has a section in English
  • In Rome Now: English language website features weekly listings of films being shown in English

English-Language Movies Now On

To find out what's showing in VO today and later this week, see the Angloinfo Cinema Guide (updated weekly on Fridays).

Cinemas showing original language films

  • Alcazar
    One screen cinema based in Trastevere shows films in English on a Monday
    At: Via Merry Del Val 14, 00153 Rome (RM)
    Tel: 06 588 0099
  • Nuovo Olimpia
    Small two-screened cinema just off Via Del Corso shows original language films only
    At: Via In Lucina 16/g, 00186 Rome (RM)
    Tel: 06 686 1068
  • Nuovo Sacher
    Original language films shown on a Monday in this one-screen cinema owned by film director Nanni Moretti
    For programme details: Click here
    At: Largo Ascianghi 1, 00153 Rome (RM) 
    Tel: 06 581 8116
  • Warner Village Cinemas
    Mulitiplex cinema with five screens has occasional screenings of blockbuster films in English
    Listings and pre-bookings available online: Click here
    At: Piazza Della Repubblica 45, 00185 Rome (RM)
    Tel: 06 477 79202
  • Casa Del Cinema
    Two-screened cinema situated in the grounds of Villa Borghese. Shows past and present films occasionally in original language. Films change on a weekly or 15 day basis
    See website for programme details: Click here
    At: Villa Borghese, Casina Delle Rose (near Via Veneto), 00197 Rome (RM)
    Tel: 06 423 601
  • Cinema Trevi
    Small cinema near the Trevi fountain with occasional showings of films in original language
    Films change daily and for programme details: Click here
    At: Vicolo Del Puttarello 2, 00187 Rome (RM)
    Tel: 06 678 1206