English Language Media in Rome

The international English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Rome and Lazio...

Radio in Rome

Although there are few radio stations broadcasting entirely in English in Lazio, some stations provide news programmes in English. Stations for younger people often have an American element to them, either in terms of music played or the DJ's language and style.

Local stations

  • Radio Vaticano: broadcasting music, Vatican news, Masses and prayers, world news in English, French and Italian, and the Pope's speeches. 105.0MHz and medium wave 585 kHz
  • Radio Citta Futura: hosts BBC World Service programmes every day from 03:00-07:00 and Sundays until 08:00. With news, music and in-depth reports all in English. On 97.7 FM
  • Italian Groove Radio: mainly Italian music with some American and British songs. Announcements in English. Listen online with WinAmp Media Player
  • Rome.fm: Web radio station offering Italian music, Italian recipes and Rome hotel and restaurant information. Realplayer is required to listen to this site
  • RTL 102.5: Modern music station, broadcast from Rome in Italian but with some news bulletins in English
  • Sorrento Radio Station: based in Campania playing Italian and Neapolitan songs. Italian lifestyle and information for tourists is also offered. Website in English and Italian. Windows Media Player is required to listen online


BBC World News is available free 24/7 on terrestrial digital TV with no need for a satellite dish/receiver. TV in Lazio is digital, so it is available to everyone with a TV and set-top box or built-in decoder.

To access a few more channels, opt for a HotBird system available on the HotBird satellite cluster.

With the Astra 2 system it is possible to view ITV, BBC ONE and BBC TWO programmes although to receive these a rather large dish is required: 2.4 to 3 metres for residences in or around Rome.

Print Publications in Rome


  • The American: a monthly magazine published in Rome and available from news stands and online
  • Wanted in Rome: a fortnightly magazine for the foreign community living in Rome. Also available online


Major Italian dailies publish in Italian only, so for Italian and international news, look for the following:

  • The Italian Insider: Italian, international and expat-focused news
  • Rome Post: Italian and international news and current affairs online
  • The Roman Forum: monthly newspaper available in news stands, bookshops and by subscription
  • International Herald Tribune: international news in English and published in Paris. Available from newsstands and online

International newspapers are available at many news stands, usually on the day following publication.