Exchanging a Driving Licence Issued by Non-EU/EEA Country

Find out if your licence allows you to drive in Italy, and for how long, and whether you may exchange it for an Italian licence...

Many holders of a standard driving licence issued by a country outside the European Union/European Economic Area (non-EU/EEA) may drive in Italy using the foreign licence for up to one year after obtaining residency. The document must be accompanied by an International Driving Permit (Certificato di Guida Internazionale) 

For a full list of countries to which this applies, see below.

If the licence or permit does not conform to international conventions, the driver must have that licence officially translated into Italian or carry an International Driving Permit (IDP). The translation or the IDP must be carried at all times together with the original driving licence. A translation of a licence can be obtained from the appropriate Consulate or Embassy for a small fee.

For holders of a driving licence issued by a non-EU/EEA country who wish to continue driving in Italy after their first year of residency an Italian licence must be obtained, whether by exchange or by completing the required theoretical and practical tests before the end of the first year of residency.

Note: On being issued with an Italian licence in exchange for a non-EU/EEA licence, the original licence will no longer be valid anywhere and may be marked as such or taken away by the authorities.

Exchanging a non-EU/EEA driving licence for an Italian licence

Some countries have a reciprocal exchange arrangement with Italy whereby a person with a valid licence issued by one of these countries may swap their licence for an equivalent Italian one. If such a reciprocal arrangement exists, the foreign licence must be exchanged for an Italian driving licence within the first year of residency. If the exchange is not done within a year, full testing must be successfully completed in order to receive an Italian licence.

As of August 2021, the countries with a reciprocal exchange agreement are: Algeria, Argentina, Brazil (until 13/1/23) El Salvador (until 4/8/2021), the Philippines, Japan, Lebanon, Liechtenstein, Morocco, Moldova, Monaco, Republic of Korea (South Korea), San Marino, Sri Lanka (until 4/3/2022), Switzerland (until 12/6/2026) Taiwan, Tunisia, Turkey,  Please check beforehand with the relevant Embassy or Consulate or through a local office of the Ministry of Transport uffici della motorizzazione civile

  • Special exchange agreements exist for the diplomatic staff and families of Canada, Chile, the USA and Zambia

To convert a foreign licence the holder should go to the nearest Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles (Ufficio Provinciale della Motorizzazione Civile) and be prepared to provide the following:

  • Application form TT 2112 (PDF)
  • The licence and at least one clear photocopy of front and back
  • Official translation of the licence (may not be required)
  • Valid ID and at least one photocopy of the front and back
  • Residence permit and at least two photocopies of the front and back
  • Two recent passport photographs (white background, head uncovered), signed on the reverse
  • Medical certificate, with photographs, issued within the previous six months certifying that the driver is physically and mentally fit
  • Receipt of payment of the fee (for the current fee amount, inquire at the Office of Motor Vehicles)

Requirements may vary by regional office.  The original licence will be retained or stamped as exchanged. Expect the process to take up to four months after which an Italian licence will be issued.

For licences issued by Argentina and Romania, proof of authenticity must also be provided. This can only be obtained from the Italian Consulate in those countries.

Drivers with licences that may not be exchanged will need to take a full Italian theory and practical driving exam to obtain an Italian licence.

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