Renewing an Italian Driving Licence

Find out when and how to renew your Italian driving licence...

The Italian licence is a credit-card sized plastic card. It has limited validity periods that depend on age and licence category:

  • Licences in A and B categories are valid for ten years for people under the age of 50
  • Five years for those between 50 and 70 years of age
  • Three years for those between the ages of 70 and 80
  • Two years thereafter

Licences in C and D categories are valid for 5 years until the age of 65 and valid for two years thereafter.  At the age of 68, a D licence is automatically downgraded to a C licence.

All drivers over the age of 80 must undergo a medical examination by a local medical board every two years.

Renewing a Licence

In order to renew a licence, present the following at the Provincial Office of Motor Vehicles (Ufficio Provinciale della Motorizzazione Civile, UMC):

  • Form DTT 953I (For a downloadable PDF version of this form)
  • Certification that the applicant has had a medical examination within the last three months, and has no serious health problems that could impair driving
  • Receipt of payment for the licence renewal and stamp duty
  • Identity documents
  • Original passport with photocopies
  • 2 passport photos

The renewal can take over 2 weeks to process.

At each renewal, a doctors' certificate is required as proof that the driver has no serious health problems that could impair driving. The doctor should be affiliated with the Ministry of Health (Ministro della Salute), as specified under Article 119 of the Italian Highway Code (Codice di Strada). Medical examinations may take place at the UMC, and may also be performed by doctors affiliated with several public services.

If the holder of a driving licence has epilepsy or diabetes, their renewal periods differ. The renewal period of a diabetic is established by the doctor performing their medical examination. Epileptics and those who have suffered epileptic fits in the past must go for medical examination every two years.  If no fit has occurred within the past ten years, this measure does not apply.

EU driving licences can only be renewed in the holder's country of residence.  If an EU licence from another country is renewed in Italy, it will become an Italian licence. Italian renewal regulations (validity periods and medical testing, for example) will therefore apply.