Strikes in Italy

Understanding the culture of striking in Italy with links to information on upcoming scheduled strike action, and further information from the Trade Unions...

Italy is prone to wildcat strikes, so much so that there is a commission to deal with and plan for industrial action. The strike authority's website is in Italian but has a calendar of upcoming strikes (scioperi). It is possible to search for information on strikes by date, region or sector. Strikes are usually local and last 4 hours to a day. During a national strike transportation may be stop running or be less frequent. Most strikes are planned and announced in advance.

  • The Strike Commissions Website (in Italian)
    • to find out about forthcoming strikes click on calendario scioperi (strike schedule) and then on elenco scioperi for a full list of strikes in Italy
  • The British Embassy also publishes travel advice when major strikes are planned, especially those concerning public transport

Strikes and Public Transport

If travelling on a strike day the main points of contact for public transport and flight information are the following:

Rail strikes often affect a region only. The Trenitalia website publishes updated schedules in the regional section (in Italian only).

The Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (Ministerio delle infrastrutture e dei Trasporti) provides information on strikes in the transportation industry, including RSS feeds.

Further Information

Funzione Pubblica is a Trade Union federated to the CGIL organisation looking after public workers.