Helplines and Support Groups in Tuscany

Child abuse, drink or drug problems, HIV/AIDS, family planning, cancer support, information for the homeless - helplines, support groups and emergency contacts in Tuscany...

Alcoholics Anonymous

There are several English language Alcoholics Anonymous meetings that are held in Tuscany. Note that not all of these are open.

  • For a list of meetings in Tuscany from the AA Europe website: Click here

The Italian Alcoholics Anonymous Organisation (Alcolisti Anonimi Italiana) organises meetings throughout Italy. Please note that these are not in English.

  • Area Toscana
    : Piazza San Salvi 4, 50135 Florence (FI)
    Tel: 055 671 296
  • For a list and timetable of AA meetings in Tuscany: Click here (select Contact Local, the Lombardy region on the map and download Elenco Sedi Regione Toscana)

Other groups for alcohol-related issues

ARCAT (Associazione Regionale dei Club degli Alcolisti in Trattamento della Toscana) is an Italian association for alcohol dependants, with several meeting groups throughout Tuscany.

  • ARCAT Toscana (in Italian)
    Pres Giuliana Giuliani
    : c/o Via Sotto l'Organo N° 86, Capezzana 59100 Prato
    Tel: 057 481 0498
  • For more groups and timetables for meetings in the Tuscany region: Click here (in Italian)

Al-Anon: assistance for family of alcoholics

In Al-Anon, members share their experiences and provide support for family, partners and those affected by, or in a relationship with, an alcoholic (whether the alcoholic is still drinking or not).

  • English Al-Anon Meeting (all welcome)
    Tools @ St. James, Florence
    At: St. James Church, Via B. Rucellai 9, Florence
    On: Thursdays, 19:30-20:30


Anlaids, a national association founded to support HIV-positive people and their families, has a regional branch in Tuscany:

  • Sezione Toscana (in Italian)
    : Via Valtriano di Fauglia 40, 56043 Fauglia (PI)
    Tel: 050 644 145

Drug Abuse

Narcotics Anonymous (Narcotici Anonimi) is a support group for people with drug problems. All that is required to join is a desire to stop taking drugs. There are meetings in Florence on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays.

Cancer Support

Europa Donna is a European organisation for women with breast cancer. It campaigns for better screening and provides support for women with the disease.

  • Europa Donna Italy (in Italian)
    At: V.le A.Volta, 173, 50131 Florence (FI)
    Tel: 055 576 939


Caritas is a support and charity group for homeless people and people in difficulty.

There are several Caritas centres in Tuscany.

  • Caritas Toscana
    : Via de Pucci 2, 50122 Florence (FI)
    Tel: 055 267 70 / 055 238 2634
    Fax: 055 267 70249 / 055 230 2076
  • For a full list of Caritas centres in Tuscany: Click here

Family Planning and Sexual Health

People up to 24-years of age can get free sexual-health checkups and tests at sexually transmitted disease clinics (MST - Centri Malattie Sessualmente Trasmissibili). It's also possible to visit a GP for these tests.

There are numerous family planning clinics (Consultorio Familiare) in Tuscany. These provide information and services including sexual health screenings, contraception, abortion, fertility assistance, sexual counselling and menopause guidance. A referral from a general practitioner is not required. For information on the clinics, contact the Local Health Agency (Azienda Sanitaria Locale - ASL/USL) or see the links below.

Sexual health checks are also available through GPs.

Public Clinics (Consultorio Familiare) in Tuscany

Florence At: 21/A Via Villani, 50124 Firenze (FI) Tel: 055 229 8922
Arezzo At: Viale Cittadini 33, 52100 Arezzo (AZ) Tel: 0575 255 829
Grosseto At: Via A. De Prestis 2, 58100 Grosseto (GR) Tel: 0564 416 460
Livorno At: Via Carducci 206 Portoferraio (LI)
At: Via Prato Bernardo 29, 57121 Livorno (LI)
Tel: 0565 917 860
Tel: 0586 42 99 96
Massa-Carrara At: Piazza Nardi 19, 54016 Licciana Nardi (MS)
Consultorio Familiare Di Arpi
At: Via del Municipio 4, 54026 Arpiola (MS)
Tel: 0187 47 42 20
Tel: 0187 439 644
Pisa At: Piazza Toniolo 4, 56125 Pisa (PI) Tel: 050 291 68
Pistoia At: Piazza San Bartolomeo 5, 51100 Pistoia (PT) Tel: 0573 502 41
Prato At: Via Fiorentina 64, 59100 Prato (PO) Tel: 0574 435 701
Siena At: Banchi di Sotto 81, 53100 Siena (SI) Tel: 0577 222 271

Women's Support Groups

For women suffering from domestic violence, there are shelters (centri antiviolenza) in the Tuscany region.

Florence Associazione Artemisia
: Via del Mezzetta 1, 50133 Firenze (FI)
Tel: 055 602 311
Arezzo Associazione Pronto Donna
: Piazza S. Maria in Gradi 4, 52100 Arezzo (AR)
Tel: 0575 355 053
Pisa Associazione Casa Della Donna
: Via Galli Tassi 8, 56100 Pisa (PI)
Tel: 050 550 627
Prato Centro Antiviolenza Donne 'La Nara'
: Via Verdi 19, 59100 Prato (PO)
Tel: 0574 344 72

Further Information

Website provides timetables and addresses for meetings and welcome centres in Tuscany, with regard to the following (the meetings are held in Italian):

  • Narcotics Anonymous
  • Alcoholics Anonymous
  • anti-drug centres
  • drug-addicts' families centres
  • alcoholics centres
  • Al-anon groups for alcoholics' families
  • eating-disorder centres
  • Overeaters Anonymous
  • gambling addiction support meetings
  • To find a meeting: Click here