Grants and Incentives

There are government perks available to the entrepreneur in Italy; find out more...

Many grants and incentives are available for new businesses in Italy, particularly in rural areas and the south of the country (the Mezzogiorno). Grants include EU subsidies, central government grants, regional development grants, redeployment grants, and grants from provincial authorities and local communities. Grants may include assistance to buy buildings and equipment (or the provision of low-cost business premises), research and technological assistance, subsidies for job creation, low-interest loans, and tax incentives (lasting ten years for new companies established in the Mezzogiorno).

Contact Italian chambers of commerce (Camere di commercio) and embassies for information.

Italian Trade Organisations

There are a number of Italian trade organisations, including the Italian Trade Agency that promotes Italian trade throughout the world.

The Confcommercio specialises in certain industries, such as construction, computers (hardware and software), cosmetics, fashion, retailing, and import and export, organises trade fairs and other promotional activities, and provides free financial and legal advice to its members.

Further Information

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