Child Benefits in Japan

Understand the financial help available to parents of toddlers in Japan and how to register to claim..

All babies and children must have National Health Insurance (Kokumin Kenko Hoken) in order to receive any benefits. To join the National Health Insurance scheme, both parents must have valid visas. Applications are made at the National Health Insurance and Pension section (Hoken Nenkin Ka) at the local government office (Shiyakusho or Kuyakusho) at the same time as parents apply for their child's alien registration card.

Infant medical treatment (Nyuji Iryo Jukyusha-sho)

Children three years of age and under can receive medical treatment free of charge. To apply for participation in this scheme, parents should go to their local government office and take their National Health Insurance card with them to register for the Infant Medical Treatment Certificate.

Medical check ups are then available free of charge from public health centres and approved medical facilities.

Child Care Allowance (Kodomo Teate)

In 2010 Child Care Allowance or Jido Teate was changed to Kodomo Teate. From time to time new information is provided online by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (in English).

Child Care Allowance helps to cover the costs of raising a child. The amount varies depending on the child's age and the parents' income. It is paid from birth to the end of junior high school or 15 years old.

To receive the allowance, apply at the Kodomo-ka or Child Welfare section at the local government office. Government employees must apply at their place of work.

  • For further information about Child Care Allowance: Click here (PDF)