Activities and Entertainment for Toddlers

Information on the activities and facilities available in Japan for toddlers...


Although children are doted on by the Japanese, parents may find that their children are not always welcome in more upmarket restaurants and few restaurants provide a children's menu. There are, however, family restaurants where children are welcome.

Children's centres

Children's centres (Jidokan) are publicly funded and provide facilities, information and a range of activities for young children. These services are provided free of charge.

Municipal parks and play areas

Japan has many public parks and recreation areas with playgrounds especially for toddlers. They range from small parks with a few items of play equipment to big themed parks. They are usually free and can vary greatly in quality.

There are also a number of amusement parks charging entrance fees, which have swimming pools, pony rides, craft centres, amusement rides and so on. Usually there are separate sections for toddlers. There are also children's play areas in shopping centres.

Local clubs

Most cities or areas have local toddler groups which organise activities at local children's centres. Contact local community associations for more information.

Useful resources for parents of young children include: