After-school Care (Gakudo Hoiku)

Information about the provision for after-school care in Japan, as well as the clubs and activities on offer…

Elementary school

Children who cannot go home after school or who need supervision during school holidays can attend after-school care (Gakudo Hoiku). This is usually held in a classroom, but sometimes at a different location, for example a public hall. Parents should make enquiries at their child's school.

Tuition classes (Juku)

These classes are usually private and prepare children for entrance exams (which are often very challenging). Children who simply want to improve their abilities in a particular subject also attend.


Elementary schools offer sport and other activities which usually start from the fourth grade. These activities take on more importance once children enter secondary school. Available sport activities include baseball, basketball, football and volleyball. Children can also participate in other activities such as arts and crafts, and music.

Some municipalities also organise activities. Parents should contact their local authority for details.