Registering a Birth in Japan

Understand what to do to make sure that the birth of your new child is properly registered...

All foreigners must register their baby's birth at the Immigration Bureau in the area where they are living. Once the baby is born, the baby must be named and the birth registered within 14 days (including the day of birth). Failing to register a baby's birth in time can result in a penalty.

The following documents are needed to register a birth:

  • Application form for Birth Registration (available at hospitals and city halls/ward offices)
  • Alien Registration Cards - parents
  • Birth Certificate - issued by a doctor
  • Marriage Certificate translated into Japanese
  • Mother and Child Health Handbook
  • National Health Insurance Certificate - if members
  • Passports - parents

Nationality and Status of Residence Certificate

If either or both of the parents are not Japanese citizens the birth must also be reported to the home embassy or consulate, though whether this is necessary will depend on the second country's procedures. If one or both parents are Japanese nationals, the baby and

If the baby is born to parents who are not Japanese nationals, and is remaining in Japan for more than 60 days after the birth, parents must apply for a Status of Residence Certificate for their child within 30 days of the birth. Applications should be submitted to the regional immigration bureau.

  • For a list of Immigration Bureau information centres: Click here

Alien Resident and Dual Citizenship

If both the mother and the father are not Japanese nationals, they must register their baby as an Alien Resident after obtaining the Status of Residence paperwork. Registration must take place within 60 days after the birth at their local city hall/ward office.

If one of the parents is a Japanese national, the child is also a Japanese national. Japan does not permit dual citizenship, obliging those with a claim to two nationalities to officially choose one or the other at the age of 22.

Further Information

  • For an English translation of the Nationality Law: Click here