Rock Climbing and Mountaineering

Information on rock climbing in Japan with details about the climbing areas and crags available...

Mountaineering and exploration of the Japan Alps have a long history and rock climbing is also popular in the country. Most of the country's best mountaineering opportunities are in the Japan Alps although Mount Fuji, the highest peak in the country and an active volcano, is situated about 100 Km southwest of Tokyo on Honshu Island.

It is best to go rock climbing with a local as there is limited information available in English. There are a number of climbing walls around the country which offer a good introduction to the sport and the opportunity to meet fellow climbers and find out more about the sport.

Ogawayama is one of the most popular climbing areas in Japan. It is mainly a granite bouldering and long-route destination and draws climbers from all over the country. Climbing is possible in the area between April and October.

Mitake, which is easily accessible from Tokyo, is home to some of the most famous bouldering sites in Japan. The boulders are mainly limestone or chert and offer something for climbers of all abilities. Tokyo is also home to many indoor bouldering walls and the sport has become very popular in recent years.