National Public Holiday Dates in Japan

A calendar of the national vacation days when businesses, schools and banks may close and most people get the day off in Japan...

The most important public holiday celebrated in Japan is New Year (Oshogatsu). Businesses are usually closed for three days prior to 1 January and three days afterwards.

There is a series of consecutive public holidays at the end of April and beginning of May – which is often referred to as Golden Week (Gōruden Wīku). Many companies are closed during this week.

Although not officially a public holiday, many companies also close during the Buddhist festival of Obon, which takes place in August.

If a national holiday falls on a Sunday in Japan, the following Monday is also a holiday – or transfer day (furikae kyūjitsu). In addition, any single days falling between two national holidays will also be turned into a holiday – or citizen’s holiday (kokumin no kyūjitsu).

  • For more information and descriptions of Japan's public holidays, see the About Public Holidays page, from the menu on the left-hand side

Public Holidays 2017

  • 1 January - New Year's Day
  • 2 January - New Year's Day observed
  • 9 January - Coming of Age Day
  • 11 February - National Foundation Day
  • 20 March - Vernal Equinox Day
  • 29 April - Shōwa Day
  • 3 May - Constitution Memorial Day
  • 4 May - Greenery Day
  • 5 May - Children’s Day
  • 17 July - Marine Day
  • 11 August - Mountain Day
  • 18 September - Respect for the Aged Day
  • 22 September - Autumnal Equinox Day
  • 9 October - Health and Sports Day
  • 3 November - Culture Day
  • 23 November - Labour Thanksgiving Day
  • 23 December - The Emperor’s Birthday