Telephone Numbers in Japan

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Useful Telephone Numbers

To call internationally from Japan:
Dial exit code followed by country code and number
Exit code:
010 + country code + Tel no
To call internationally to Japan:
Dial entry code then Japanese number
Entry code:
81 + area code (remove the first 0) + Tel no
Ambulance/Fire Service Tel: 119
Police Tel: 110
NTT Directory Enquiries in English Tel: 104

Telephone Numbers in Japan

Japanese telephone numbers have ten digits and are made up of an area code and an individual telephone number. Each city or area has an area code of at least two digits which starts with a zero. The initial zero is dropped when calling from overseas.

The area codes for some of the major cities in Japan are as follows:

  • Tokyo - 03
  • Osaka - 06
  • Kyoto - 075
  • Yokohama - 045
  • Fukuoka - 092
  • Sapporo - 011
  • Sendai - 022
  • Kobe - 078
  • Naha - 098
  • Hiroshima - 082
  • Nagoya - 052

Telephone Directories

The Japanese Yellow Pages are available online in English.

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