Permanent Residency

Information on applying for permanent residency in Japan...

Being a permanent resident in Japan allows an individual to stay in the country indefinitely and to enter into any form of employment. People who are already resident or have been resident in Japan can apply to become permanent residents. There are a number of criteria which they must fulfil. The main criteria are:

  • They must behave within the bounds of Japanese law, be known to exhibit good conduct and pay their taxes
  • They must be able to support themselves, make a living and continue to do so in the future
  • Generally, they have lived in Japan for ten years or more and have had residency and/or a work permit for at least five consecutive years in that time
  • They have not been convicted, fined or sentenced while in Japan
  • The maximum allowed period in the country on the current visa has been used up

Applications for permanent residency should be made at a local Immigration Bureau. There are a number of Information Centres where foreigners can obtain advice and information on immigration procedures:

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