Post-natal Care in Japan

Find out about post-natal care for you and your newborn baby…

For a vaginal birth, women usually stay in hospital between five and seven days. If a woman has a Caesarean section the hospital stay is likely to be around eight to ten days, depending on the health of mother and baby.

Hospital costs

Among the factors used to calculate the hospital costs are length of the labour, the type of room occupied, and the length of the hospitalisation. Payment is made on leaving the hospital.

If labour begins on a public holiday, late at night, or in the early morning, there is an extra fee: usually about 10 to 20 percent is added to the amount.

Average hospital costs are as follows:

  • General hospitals - Yen 350,000 to 400,000
  • Maternity clinics (with midwives) - Yen 350,000 to 500,000
  • Private clinics - Yen 300,000 to 800,000
  • University hospitals - Yen 250,000 to 400,000

Government subsidies

A normal delivery and hospitalisation is not covered by the National Health Insurance (NHI). A Caesarean section and other complicated deliveries, however, are covered by insurance.

Parents, if they are eligible, can receive government subsidies once their child is born. Parents should make enquiries at their local city hall/ward office to find out if they qualify.

  • A lump sum birth allowance (Shussan Ikuji Ichijikin) of Yen 350,000 is payable to parents who contribute to the National Health Insurance fund. Application for this allowance must be made within two years of the birth
  • Some medical expenses are also paid for by local government once the birth has been registered. Parents should contact their local city hall/ward office for details as local governments differ in the subsidies that they offer
  • Parents also receive a Child Care Allowance (Jido Teate) of Yen 10,000 per month until the child is three years old

Post-natal check-ups

Infant health check-ups are available at both public hospitals and private clinics. Local authorities provide services that are free of charge: check-ups usually take place at public health centres or designated paediatric clinics, and mothers and babies are in groups.

Private maternity hospitals and clinics see mother and baby individually. Each check-up costs about Yen 5,000.

District nurses provided by the municipalities usually visit baby and mother free of charge. Municipalities also provide support systems for new mothers, although services vary according to each municipality.


Vaccinations are usually free. Parents should go to their local hospital or make enquiries at their city hall/ward office.

Vaccination schedule:

  • BCG (tubercolosis) - within six months after birth
  • DTP - three to 12 months after birth
  • Polio - three to 18 months after birth
  • Rubella and measles - between 12 to 24 months
  • For a full schedule of vaccinations recommended in Japan: Click here (PDF)