Post Codes and the Postal System in Japan

Information on sending and receiving mail, finding a Japanese postal/Zip code and how to write addresses in Japan...

Postal services in Japan are provided by Japan Post. The website provides information about mailing letters and parcels, and many other services, in both English and Japanese.

Japanese Addresses

Japanese towns and cities are subdivided into blocks and areas, rather than having named streets. As a result, most Japanese addresses start with the full postcode. The symbol for a post office is a T with a bar over it: 〒, and this forms part of the address.

  1. Line 1: the T symbol followed by the postcode
  2. Line 2: the prefecture, city and sub-area
  3. Line 3: the recipient's name
  • For example:

However, if the address is written in English, it should start with the recipient's name and end with the postcode.

For example:

  • Hotel Tokyo
    2-16-1 Konan Shinagawa East One Tower
    Minato, Tokyo 108-8282

Postcodes in Japan

Japanese postcodes are seven digits long: three digits separated by a hyphen, followed by four digits. Generally, the first three numbers refer to the geographical area (prefecture and city) and the last four digits represent the district (town and street).

The Japan Post website has a facility to help users to find a postcode.