Property Jargon

A list of terms relevant to buying or renting a house or flat in Japan and their English translations...

Japanese English explanation
Chinryo / Yachin rent
Chukaitesuryo commission
Eki station
Fudosan real estate agent
Genjo kaifuku restoring a rented property to the condition it was originally rented in
Hoshonin guarantor
Hoshokin security deposit: a term used mainly in Kansai (western Japan)
Jo traditional Japanese measurement used to measure a room's size: 1 jo is about 1.65m²
Juyojiko setsumeisho important terms of a contract
Kagi key
Kanrihi management fee
Keiyaku kikan terms of a lease
Keiyakusho contract
LDK Living, Dining, Kitchen
Madori floor plan
Oshiire cupboard for a futon: a Japanese mattress
Oya-san landlord
Reikin key money
Shikikin deposit
Tsubo traditional Japanese measurement used to measure a floor's area: 1 tsubo is about 3.3m²
Yachin / Chinryo rent
Yaneurabeya attic