Renting Accommodation

Find a house, flat or apartment to rent, and understand what’s involved when you come to sign a lease...

Finding a property to rent in Japan can be difficult and rentals are expensive. Landlords may not want to rent out a property to a foreigner as the length of the lease is generally limited to the length of the foreigner's work visa. In most cases, a foreigner needs a sponsor or a guarantor. Otherwise, it can prove almost impossible to rent a property. Employers can often act as the sponsor when signing a lease.

The average length of a rental contract is two years; each time a contract is renewed there is various paperwork to do and there are fees to pay.

Rent is usually higher for apartments situated near stations as the land has a higher value.

There are a number of expenses associated with renting a property, besides the monthly rent. They are:

  • Application fee (not always required)
  • Agency fee (chukai tesuryo)
  • Deposit (shikikin)
  • Key money (reikin)
  • Advance rent (yachin)
  • Management fee
  • Insurance