English Language Media in Tokyo

The international English-language print and broadcast media that is available to you if you live in Tokyo...

English-language Newspapers and Magazines

  • The Japan Times is a daily newspaper in Tokyo featuring economic, political and sports articles, commentaries and news as well as information about life in Japan and entertainment options
  • Tokyo Journal International Magazine covers fashion, sports, travel, arts and education. It is published quarterly and distributed around Tokyo
  • Tokyo Weekender is a magazine published monthly. It covers events, travel, business, culture and Tokyo life for expatriates


There are several over-the-air channels that broadcast in the Tokyo area, but almost all the programmes are in Japanese. Although there are Japanese television sets which have a bilingual option on the remote control, only a few programmes are bilingual (mostly news).

Cable TV

Some pay cable companies offer limited English programming:

  • JCN Minato Shinjuku Cable Television - Minato-ku and Shinjuku areas
    Tel: 0120 037 109
  • J:COM - Setagaya, Shibuya, Ota and Meguro areas
    Tel: 0120 999 000
  • iTSCOM - Setagaya, Shibuya, Machida, Ota and Meguro areas
    Tel: 0120 109 199
  • Narita Cable TV - Narita City area
    Tel: 0120 100 19
  • Shinagawa Cable TV - Shinagawa and South Tokyo area
    Tel: 03 3788 3811 / 03 5750 214

Satellite TV

SKY PerfecTV provides satellite TV.