Holiday Accommodation Options in Tokyo

Information on finding the right kind of accommodation in Tokyo: self-catering, hotel, guesthouse, campsite or youth hostel...

Tokyo is a very popular tourist destination with millions of visitors each year. The city has a huge range of accommodation options from luxury hotels to guesthouses and youth hostels. No official star rating or ranking system exists.

Serviced Apartments

There are many self-catering serviced apartments and holiday rentals in Tokyo. Most are centrally located and are regularly cleaned as for a hotel. They can be rented for short or long stays depending on the company. Rates are inclusive of utilities and may represent better value than staying in a hotel, especially for a long-term stay. In Japan, these are sometimes referred to as weekly or monthly mansions. (The meaning of the word "mansion" in Japan is not a large home, as the English would define it. Rather, it refers to a large apartment building or condominium with many floors.


Most of the major international hotel brands are present in Tokyo, including some of the most expensive and best-known hotels in the world. There are also many inexpensive hotels to cater to every budget and need.

Business hotels are basic hotels located around Tokyo. They offer clean and simple rooms at mid-range prices.

Capsule hotels offer a unique experience at inexpensive prices. They are normally targeted at visitors needing a quick sleep in the city. The space is approximately the size of an enclosed bed, with not enough room to stand up. There is normally a communal area for changing and showering.

Love hotels are designed for a few hours' rental to provide a private room for couples. They are available for overnight stays; however, they do not cater to tourists and they are not a budget option.


Guesthouses in Japan are generally furnished apartments or rooms in a shared house. They are usually available as private units or as shared rooms with a communal living space. This type of accommodation is generally inexpensive and offers a lot of variety depending on the company. However, due to the shared areas, privacy may be difficult.


Another option is to stay in a ryokan, which is a traditional Japanese-style inn. Usually, one or two meals are included in the price.


For people looking for a social and cultural experience, a minshuku may be a good choice. A minshuku is a Japanese-style bed & breakfast. They offer the opportunity to meet a local Japanese family and experience local Japanese culture. Usually, one or two meals are included in the price.

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Youth Hostels

Many hostels can be found in Tokyo. They can be booked by contacting them directly and membership is not generally required. Usually, visitors have to pay hostels in cash. Meals are not included.


As is the case with most big cities, Tokyo is not an ideal location for a campsite. However, there is one campsite in Tokyo, the Wakasu Park Campsite, built on reclaimed land in Tokyo Bay. There are several sites outside Tokyo in the surrounding non-urban area. Most campsites in Japan have all the necessary equipment available for rent - tents, cooking supplies and sleeping bags.

The Japan National Tourism Organisation (JNTO) has a list of campsites with their facilities, access and local highlights. The area surrounding Tokyo is the "Kanto Area".

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