Outdoor Activities in Tokyo

Information on the facilities in Tokyo for outdoor activities: hiking and walking, cycling, skiing, scuba diving and surfing…

Walking and Hiking in Tokyo

Tokyo has many parks and gardens to enjoy, and there are also 10 different guided walking tours provided by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. These are provided either free of charge, or for a small fee, depending on the tour. All of these tours begin at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government office in Shinjuku.

  • For more information about the guided tours: Click here

Mountain hiking

Mount Fuji: This is the highest mountain in Japan standing at 3,776m. Due to possible adverse weather conditions, it is only recommended to hike here from 1 July until the end of August.

  • For information from the Japan National Tourism Organization website: Click here

Mt. Takao: This small mountain has eight recommended hiking trails and is approximately 50 Km from Tokyo.

Cycling in Tokyo

Cycling in Tokyo is a great way to see sights that might otherwise be missed when taking the train or driving.

Bicycle rentals

There are numerous bicycle rental shops available in Tokyo. Bicycle repair shops are also readily available throughout the city.

Showa Kinen Park: Bicycle rentals are available for a fee and there is a 14 Km cycle route.

  • At: 3173 Midori-cho, Tachikawa city, Tokyo 190-0014
    : 042 528 1751
    : 042 522 0580
    : Every day from 09:30 until one hour before the park closes (the park closes at either 16:30 or 17:00, depending on the season)

Imperial Palace: Bicycle rentals are offered free of charge at the Information Centre next to the Imperial Security Police Station. There are 250 bikes, including some tandems. Only open on Sundays.

Wakasu Park (website in Japanese): This park has bicycles including tandem bikes and children’s bikes available for rental by the hour. The rental office is located in Odaiba and Ariake in Tokyo Bay.

  • At: 2-1 Koto-ku, Tokyo 136-0083
    : February to October 09:30-16:00, November to January 09:30-15:30

Cycling clubs

Ski Resorts

There are a few ski resorts that can be visited as a day trip from Tokyo. They are accessible by train to Niigata prefecture.

GALA Yuzawa: This is the most convenient ski resort from Tokyo. The journey on the bullet train to the Echigo Yuzawa train station takes approximately 80 minutes. This train station has a gondola ski lift sharing the same building, allowing skiers to rent ski equipment at the train station and then take the lift directly to the ski slopes.

Ishiuchi Maruyama: This resort connects to the GALA Yuzawa resort at the top of the mountain. There is a special pass available that allows access to both resorts.

  • At: 1782-2 Minamiuonuma city, Niigata prefecture
    : 025 783 5571

Yuzawa Koen: Skiing and snowboarding resort. The train journey from Tokyo station to Yuzawa station takes approximately 110 minutes.

  • At: 490 Yuzawa, Yuzawa-Machi, Minamiuonuma city, Niigata prefecture  949-6101
    : 025 784 3326

Scuba Diving

The most popular place for scuba diving near Tokyo is the Izu peninsula. It is located approximately 100 Km south of Tokyo. There are many dive spots around this peninsula including Osezaki, Mikomoto and Atami. Travel time to the nearest location, Atami, is approximately 45 minutes via bullet train.


Surfing around Tokyo is limited to two main areas; the area north of Tokyo (Chiba prefecture’s coast) and the area south of Tokyo (Kanagawa prefecture’s coast).

Kamogawa (website in Japanese): One of the best surfing and beach areas near Tokyo. It is located northeast of Tokyo with a travel time of approximately one hour and 45 minutes from Tokyo station to JR Awa-kamogawa station. This area usually provides the best waves nearby Tokyo.

  • For information from the Japan National Tourism Organization: Click here

Kugenuma: A very popular surfing and swimming area located south of Tokyo. The travel time between Shinjuku to Odakyu Kugenuma-Kaigan station is approximately one hour.

  • For information from the Japan National Tourism Organization: Click here

Further Information

  • Tokyo International Adventure Club: Volunteer group that organises outdoor adventure events on a regular basis
  • Outdoor Club Japan: Non-profit volunteer club for Japanese and foreign people. Regular hiking, camping, climbing, cycling, skiing, running, diving, kayak, barbecue parties, and social events