Banking in Japan

Information on opening a bank account in Japan - what documents to provide - the credit and debit cards, payment methods, cheques and more...

There are a number of different types of banks in Japan:

City banks (Toshi ginko): these banks provide banking services nationwide and internationally. They have their headquarters in major cities and branches are located throughout the country. Banks included in this category are:

Regional/local banks (Chiho ginko): these banks have their headquarters in local towns and cities as their business is mainly in the prefectures. They offer advantages within the prefectures, but are usually weaker in some areas of service compared to city banks.

  • For a list of licensed financial institutions (regional banks) from the Financial Services Agency: Click here

Trust banks (Shintaku ginko): these are allowed to carry out business for trusts in addition to their normal banking business.

Foreign banks (Gaikoku ginko): these banks have their headquarters outside Japan. Foreign banks that have their headquarters in Japan in cooperation with Japanese banks are excluded from this category and are treated as Japanese banks (for example, Citibank Japan).

Japan's postal services also provide bank accounts via their banking section, Japan Post Bank.