Narita Airport Layovers

Find out about what to do in and around Narita Airport (NRT) near Tokyo, with details of WiFi, facilities, shopping and attractions in and around Narita...

Short Connection Time in Narita

Passengers with a relatively short connection time in Narita (less than four hours) will need to follow the signs to go through security screening, and continue to their connecting flight’s departure gate. There are only two terminals at Narita – Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Transferring to the other terminal can be done by shuttle bus, but this is only necessary if passengers need to change to an airline that operates from the other terminal.

  • For more information on the Narita airport shuttle bus: Click here

Narita International Airport has the following amenities available for passenger convenience:

  • Free WiFi Internet access is available throughout most of the terminal areas. For more information: Click here
  • Dayrooms and shower rooms are located in NRT airport for an additional fee. Dayroom reservations can be made online. For more information and to make a reservation: Click here
  • Shops and restaurants are available, including some souvenir shops. For more information: Click here

For full details on Narita Airport, see the Narita International Airport Arrival & Transfer Guide

Long Connection Time in Narita

There are several options available in the immediate vicinity of Narita Airport for passengers with more than four hours between flights. Tokyo is more than an hour away from Narita Airport, making the journey impractical for travellers with fewer than eight hours to spare between arrival and departure.

Narita City, a picturesque town famous for the Narita-san or Shinsho-ji temple, is in itself worth visiting. To do so, travelers must clear immigration and customs to enter Japan. The completion of two documents is necessary for this: one is the “Disembarkation / Embarkation Card” and the other is a customs form. Passengers can write “transit” in the “Address in Japan” sections, and the “Length of Stay” is “one day”.

Depending on their country of citizenship, travellers may require a visa.

  • For a list of countries which require a visa to enter Japan: Click here

When this process is complete, it may be wise to use the ATMs operated by Citibank, Japan Post or Seven Bank to obtain some Japanese yen before venturing out, as it can be difficult to find an international ATM within Narita City. Local Japanese bank ATMs other than those listed above do not accept foreign cards, and a withdrawal fee may apply.

  • For information on storage lockers at Narita Airport: Click here

Narita Temple

Narita Temple can be reached by train (either JR or Keisei) to Narita City Station: there are stops at Terminals 1 & 2, and a separate station for Narita City. This train ride will take approximately fifteen minutes each way, and the cost is approximately ¥250. From Narita City Station, passengers can walk around the central part of Narita City and visit many small souvenir shops and the large Narita-san buddhist temple, also known as the Shinsho-ji temple. It will take approximately twenty minutes to walk to the temple from the station. The street to the temple, known as “Green Street” or “Omotesando Street”, is lined with stores selling food, drink and souvenirs.

  • For Narita City Train Schedule Information from Jorudan: Click here
  • For Narita City Train Schedule Information from Hyperdia: Click here

A tea ceremony is held between 10:30 and 12:00 at the Narita Tourist Pavilion, located near the Narita-san Temple.

  • Narita Tourist Pavilion
    At: 383-1 Nakamachi, Narita 286-0023
    Open: 9:00-17:00 October to May, 10:00-18:00 June to September. Closed on Mondays.
    Tel: 04 7624 3232

The Narita Airport website has a map to the temple and other attractions: Click here

Aeon Shopping Mall

Aeon Shopping Mall is a modern shopping mall with souvenir shops, modern clothes, Japanese cultural shops and a food hall. To reach the Aeon Mall, take a taxi or the Narita City Round Bus (only seven trips per day). A taxi will cost approximately ¥2500 each way and take around twenty minutes.

There is a popular Daiso store on the front side of the mall. Daiso is a shop where almost everything costs ¥105. It is frequented by tourists and local residents alike.

  • Aeon Mall
    At: 24 Uingutsuchiya, Narita 286 0029
    Open: Most shops are open between 10:00 and 21:00
  • For information on the Aeon Mall to Narita Airport Bus: Click here
  • For Narita City Round Bus Timetable and Information: Click here

Shisui Premium Outlet Mall

Shisui Mall, located 10 Km from Narita Airport, contains many well-recognised international and Japanese brands as well as a large food hall. A bus service runs from Narita Airport to the outlet mall.

Narita Aviation Museum

Narita Museum of Aeronautical Sciences is located just outside the boundary of Narita International Airport. It is most easily reached by taxi, and the fare should be approximately ¥1000-1500 each way. A limited bus service runs from Narita Airport.

  • Museum of Aeronautical Sciences (in Japanese)
    At: 111-3 Iwayama, Shibayama-machi, Sanbu-gun 289-1608 
    Tel: 04 7978 0557
    Open: 10:00 - 17:00 Tuesday to Sunday

Tours of Narita

Tours of attractions in the Narita area can be arranged with tour companies, or with taxi companies that offer a tour service.

The Narita Airport website lists details of fixed fare and standard taxis.

Returning to Narita Airport

Ensure that some time remains when returning to the airport, as the following steps are necessary:

  1. Check in for the connecting flight if not already checked through Narita
  2. Clear security screening
  3. Clear immigration to leave Japan before departing
  4. Find the relevant departing flight gate

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