Childcare Options

Find out about the different types of child care options that are available in Luxembourg, and how childcare service vouchers works...

There are a number of different childcare options available to parents of toddlers in Luxembourg.


Babysitters are generally employed on an ad-hoc basis, for an evening or a day at the parents' residence. The babysitter must have civil liability insurance and the babysitter's parents must be informed if the person is a minor. Only baby-sitters aged 15 or more can ask for payment. There are different ways of finding a baby-sitter:

  • word of mouth
  • contact the Commune which can generally provide a list of available babysitters (in French or German)

Nanny (Employé pour la garde d'enfant)

Nannies or au pairs can be employed in Luxembourg with a valid employment contract, which must include working hours and nature of duties. The employee must be declared to the Centre Commun de la Securité Sociale (CCSS) using a simple registration form.

Contributions towards benefits are calculated by the CCSS and paid by the employer each month. The employee is covered by the health insurance system in case of illness or accidents.

  • Learn more about employing an au pair (in French)

Child care and day centres

There are different types of childcare centres available to parents. The cost of childcare is based mostly on family income and the number of children in the household.

  • Foyers de Jours are centres open to children in pre-school education. They operate outside school hours but whilst parents are still at work
  • Crèches are open to children under the age of four
  • Garderies provide day care for children under the age of eight for less than 16 hours a week
  • Assistance parentale is a system where "host parents" take care of children on a continuous basis including nights for a period that must not exceed three weeks. Parental assistants must be registered with the local authorities
  • Maisons Relais provide before and after-school care as well as lunch programmes and help with homework. The service is organised by the Communes and operates between 07:00-19:00 for children under 18. Not all communes offer this facility, but Luxembourg plans to make these facilities available throughout the country

In most cases registration for any type of childcare takes place at the centre itself. Local Municipal offices can give information on day care centres in the Commune of residence.


Chèque-service are childcare service vouchers entitling parents to reduced cost childcare out of school hours. The amount paid depends on household income. All parents are entitled to a minimum of three hours per week of free child care in a childcare structure (crèche, garderie, foyer de jour for example) and 24 hours per week at a reduced rate. Additional hours up to a maximum of 60 are set at a fixed price. If the parents require more than 60 hours per week, parents pay the full price.

To be eligible, children must live in the Grand-Duchy, be aged under 12 and be enrolled in primary school education. Parents are free to choose the most appropriate form of childcare.

The chèque-service can be obtained from the local Municipal office in the Commune of residence. Parents must apply for a carte d'adhésion (membership card), available free of charge provided a contract is signed.

To subscribe to the service the following information and documents are required:

  • First and last names of the parents and children
  • National identification number of each child (numéro de matricule national)
  • Address of the child and an invoice address (if different)
  • Position of the child in the family (for example 1st child, 2nd child etc)
  • Certificate from the CNPF stating that the child is entitled to child benefits
  • Spoken language that the parents choose for the childcare
  • Information on household income (pay slips, tax declaration and any other proof of monthly income)

The carte d'adhésion is valid for one year and must be renewed annually. Parents are informed by mail before the renewal date.