Teenage Drivers

Information on the regulations affecting teenagers behind the wheel in Luxembourg...

The legal minimum age to drive a motorbike over 35 kW is 18 years and for a moped the minimum age is 16. Helmets are mandatory for drivers and passengers on both mopeds and motorbikes. The legal minimum age to drive a car is 18 years.

Identity card, driving licence, vehicle registration papers and insurance documents must be carried at all times.

To pass a driving test, the candidate must pass a theory and practical examination. Upon successful completion of both tests, the licence is issued. This is a probationary licence, valid for two years. There are restrictions for probationary drivers and the legal alcohol limit is lower.

During this probationary period, a new driver must take an obligatory driver training course at the Colmar-Berg driver training centre, the Centre de Formation pour Conducteurs (CFC). The tests may be taken in English (notify the centre when booking the appointment). The course must be taken within two years of acquiring the driving licence.