Teenagers and Schooling

Find out who to contact if a teenager has difficulties in school...

Education is compulsory in Luxembourg for all children aged 4 to 16. Teenagers with difficulties in following the mainstream curriculum can contact their local CPOS (Centre de psychologie et d'orientation scolaires).

  • CPOS (in French)
    At: 58, boulevard Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, L-1330 Luxembourg
    Tel: 24 77 59 10
    Fax: 45 45 44

The CPOS provides a number of services including:

  • After school homework assistance (enrolment form available at schools)
  • Special classes specific to pupils facing learning difficulties either during or after normal school hours
  • Lessons during school holidays for children having to retake one or more exams
  • Lessons for under 18s with significant schooling problems

School holidays

The school year is divided into three terms. Many older students choose to work during the school holidays.

During the summer and winter holidays, teenagers and younger children can participate in residential holiday camps known as Colonies de Vacances.