Youth Organisations, Youth Cards, and Student Employment

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The Centre Information Jeunes provides a place for young people aged 12 to 25 to find information and advice about school orientation, holiday jobs, health issues, training, employment and trips abroad.

Maisons de Jeunes are meeting points for young people situated throughout the territory of Luxembourg. Young people can find information, support and advice on a number of issued affecting their lives.

Inter-Actions is a social organisation focusing on young adults, integration, community work and in general any concerns young adults may have.

  • Inter-Actions (in French and German)
    At: 5 rue du Kiem, L-1857 Luxembourg-Neudorf
    Tel: 49 26 60 
    Fax: 49 26 59

Jugendtreff Number One is a meeting place for young people from 12 to 25 years old, providing advice, free Internet access, computer rooms and activities.

  • Jugendtreff Number One
    : 1 rue des Bains, L-1212 Luxembourg 
    Tel: 47 96 3132
    Fax: 26 20 01 37

Scouting and Girl Guides

Youth Cards

The European Youth Card, also called Euro<26 or Carte Jeunes Européenne, is a card available for those aged 12 to 26 and valid for one year. Holders of the card can benefit from discounts on transport, museums, cinemas and cultural and leisure activities throughout Europe. The card can be purchased for a small fee online or at the Centre Information Jeunes.

Student Employment

Students in full time education are legally authorised to work from the age of 15. The following conditions apply:

  • two months maximum per calendar year
  • each working day cannot exceed 8 hours
  • a working week cannot exceed 40 hours
  • the minimum salary must comply with legal requirements
  • no overtime is allowed
  • no night, or week-end work is allowed (with exceptions for medical care, hospitality and bakery activities)

The minimum salary (salaire social minimum) must comply with the following:

Age 15-17 75 percent of the minimum social salary
Age 17-18 80 percent of the minimum social salary
Over 18 100 percent of the minimum social salary

Three copies of the contract must be signed; one copy is kept by the student and one by the employer who must also send a copy to the Inspection du Travail et des Mines.