Youth Employment

Information about the work opportunities and regulations for teenagers in Luxembourg...

Given the cosmopolitan aspect of Luxembourg, multilingualism is of paramount importance whilst looking for work. Usually, a minimum of two languages is required, although many companies will request three to four languages to first language standard.

The Administration de l'Emploi - ADEM is the official governmental centre for work. Every employer must declare any vacancy to the ADEM.

Young people between 16 and 21 years may qualify for unemployment benefits providing they register with the employment office within 12 months of completing studies or training. The age limit may be increased to up to 28 years depending on the type of studies undertaken.

Benefits are paid after 26 weeks of consecutive inscription as a job seeker. Benefits are calculated at a rate of between 40 and 70 percent of the minimum salary (depending on the person's age).

The unemployed may register provided they are resident in Luxembourg and have a Social Security number. The registration is a necessary step to be entitled to unemployment benefits. The ADEM will arrange for employers and potential employees with the adequate qualifications to be put in contact with each other. If an appointment is made by ADEM on behalf of a job-seeker, failing to attend may result in the loss of unemployment benefits.

There are several schemes to encourage employers to recruit young people. Every job-seeker and employer will be advised on the most suitable scheme and will be followed on a regular basis by an adviser.