Documentation and Requirements for Marriage

Find out about the legal requirements for getting married in Luxembourg...

Preliminary Formalities

Foreign residents of Luxembourg must begin the preliminary formalities at least three months before the marriage date. Residents with Luxembourgish nationality must begin the preliminary formalities at least two months before the planned date of marriage.

One of the couple getting married must go in person to the local municipality office (commune) where one of them is legally resident, with the passport or identity card of both parties. The documents required and the procedures will depend on the nationality of each of the future spouses.

The civil registrar will provide the necessary forms and explain which documents will be required. All documents must be in either English, French or German. If they are not in one of these languages, a translation by a sworn translator (traducteur assermenté) must be provided or a document from the relevant Consular office with a legalised signature or an Apostille.

Documents Required

These documents must be presented to the Town Hall at least one month before the marriage is to take place.

  • Passport or identity card
  • Full (unabridged) birth certificate (Acte de naissance intégral), less than three months old if supplied in Luxembourg, or less than six months old if supplied abroad
  • Residence certificate (certificat de résidence), established by the Town Hall in the place of residence
  • A certificate of single-status (certificat de célibat) less than three months old. This is obtained from the Town Hall of the place of residence for Luxembourg nationals. Foreign nationals will need to provide another document depending on their nationality (for example US citizens must provide an affidavit of eligibility and UK citizens a certificate of no impediment)

If either of the couple has been divorced or widowed they should supply proof in the form of an Acte de mariage (certified copy of the final divorce decree) or an Acte de décès (in the case of widowhood).

If a child was born to the couple before the marriage, the father must recognise the child before the civil marriage, otherwise the child will not be considered legitimate. In this case it will be necessary to provide the birth certificate of the child.

Publication of Banns

Luxembourg law requires the Publication of Banns for at least ten days at the municipality office where the couple are resident (if the couple are not living together the banns will be published in both communes). The banns are published as soon as the commune has received the medical certificate. If either of the couple have moved within the last six months, the banns must be published in both communes.

The marriage must take place within 12 months following the publication.