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Information about Luxembourg's institutions for further education - degrees, MBAs and vocational training...

There are a number of higher education institutes in Luxembourg, providing Bachelor degrees, MBAs, Masters and PhDs. The Université de Luxembourg provides multilingual courses in French, German and English language. There are five campuses in Luxembourg covering a range of subjects including law, humanities, science, economics and finance. The Lycée Technique Ecole de Commerce et de Gestion provides post-secondary courses in adminstration and commerce leading to a Brevet de Technicien Supérieur (BTS). House of Training provide a number of vocational training courses.  
  Luxembourg School of Business provides a multicultural learning environment for business leaders from international companies, offering both weekend and full-time MBA programs.
  • Luxembourg School of Business At: 154 Avenue du Dix Septembre, L-2550 Luxembourg Tel: 26 25 89 80                                                                                                                email
Sacred Heart University Luxembourg (John F. Welch College of Business Luxembourg) has graduate level programmes for working individuals. The facilities are located in the Chamber of Commerce Luxembourg-Kirchberg and programmes include accounting and information systems, management, business economics and finance, marketing and humanities
  • Sacred Heart University At: 7, rue Alcide de Gasperi , c/o Chambre de Commerce - Bâtiment B, 1er étage, L-2981 Luxembourg Tel: 22 76 13 - 1 Fax: 22 76 23                                                                                                                     email
BBI Luxembourg - Brussels Business Institute for higher education in Hotel- and Tourism Management offering 3-year Bachelor and 2-year Master programmes.
  • BBI Luxembourg At: Château de Wiltz, L-9516 Wiltz, Luxembourg Tel: (+352) 27 91 12 92
There are also other institutions providing vocational training and diplomas to adults and those already in employment, for example the Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Centre. The web portal, created by the National Institute for the development of continuing professional education (Institut national pour le développement de la formation professionnelle continue - INFPC), has information about training courses available in Luxembourg.

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