The School System

An overview of the system of schooling in Luxembourg...

Children in state schools are taught in the three country's official languages: Luxembourgish, French and German. Additional language lessons are taken at different stages of the educational cycle. Early childhood education, pre-school and primary education are divided into four cycles known as Education Fondamentale.
Cycle 1 3 to 5 years
Cycle 2 6 to 7 years
Cycle 3 8 to 9 years
Cycle 4 10 to 11 years
Parents receive a school report at the end of each trimester informing them of the progress and development of their child. At the end of a cycle, children move on to the next cycle provided they have acquired the necessary level of competence. In exceptional circumstances a child may repeat a year of a cycle or skip a year. Regular appointments are set up each year by teachers to inform parents of the child's progress and any problems encountered. At the end of the third and fourth cycle a national test takes place for all children. Younger foreign children are frequently integrated into state schools where they can begin learning the three official languages. Initiation classes are made available to pupils by the local communes and the number of hours provided depends on the language skills of each individual student.

Home Schooling

Home schooling is allowed in Luxembourg. Contact the local commune for further information and details of the local educational inspector.

School Hours

The school day begins between 08:00-09:00 and ends at 16:00 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Pupils usually have Tuesday and Thursday afternoons off. Children tend to go home during the lunch break between 12:00-14:00. When both parents are working, children can stay for lunch at the Maison Relais or Foyer du Jour. Maisons Relais provide before and after-school care for children under 18, as well as lunch programmes and help with homework. This service is organised by the Commune. Not all communes offer this facility. Places can be limited and there is a small fee for this service which can be paid via Chèque-Service.  

School Year and Holidays

The Luxembourg school year starts on 15 September and ends 15 July. The year is divided into three terms. Schools are also closed on public holidays.


It is the parent's responsibility to drop their children at school. There is also a school bus system operating at convenient times. The bus ride is free of charge for all students. A bus pass is required and can be obtained from the school.

School Health Tests

Mandatory annual medical tests are carried out at schools for all children. These tests are performed by the Ligue Medico-Sociale across the country except in Luxembourg-City where tests are performed by a specific unit. Tests are carried out at school, in hospitals or in specifically adapted buses. Tests include a general check-up, eye test and dental examination.

International Schools

There are only a few international schools in English in Luxembourg, some operating a waiting list. Interested families should inquire and apply as early as possible as spaces are usually limited.