After Burial

Find out about who to inform about a death, where to send the death certificate, inheritance, assisted suicide, and organ donation...

Generally, the Commune will issue several copies of the death certificate. Copies will need to be sent to the following administrations:

  • Social Security Office (Caisse de maladie), invoices for funeral costs should also be submitted for reimbursement
  • Death Benefits Office (Caisse de décès)
  • To the Caisse médico-chirurgicale if the deceased was affiliated
  • Relevant Pensions Office (Caisse de pension compétente): if applicable, the marriage certificate for the marriage to the surviving spouse may also be required
  • School (schools of children and grand-children)
  • Life insurance company (if applicable)
  • Bank(s): a statement from a notary may also be required
  • Notary: if a will had been drawn up
  • Société Nationale de Contrôle Technique (SNCT) if the deceased person owned a vehicle; a statement from a notary may also be required
  • Consulate or Embassy, including an international death certificate model C (from the commune) and the deceased's passport or identity card


A Declaration of Succession (déclaration de succession) must be made within six months of the death to the Administration de l'Enregistrement et des Domaines. Documents required include:

  • The death certificate of the deceased
  • If the deceased was married and had a prenuptial agreement, a statement from a notary to that effect
  • If the deceased owned property in Luxembourg, a copy of the "extrait cadastral" which identifies the property

Euthanasia/Assisted Suicide

Euthanasia was legalised in Luxembourg in 2009 and is open to patients who suffers a lot physically or mentally after an accident or because of an illness which is incurable.