Flu Pandemics (Swine Flu, Avian Flu)

Information on the health and risk situation in Luxembourg, with links to government sources of information, the Grippe Public hotline and further English-language links...

Various strains of influenza spread rapidly and can cause concerns of a pandemic.Information is always readily available in the media (print news and TV) and from government organisations. The World Health Organisation (WHO) monitors health issues within the United Nations country.

Information for Luxembourg

A/H1N1 - the swine flu virus

Luxembourg has a dedicated service to address concerns of citizens and residents with up-to-date information and a telephone service.

Avian Influenza - the H5N1 bird flu virus

  • Comprehensive information from the Luxembourg authorities on Avian Influenza and the symptoms shown by infected birds, animals and humans (in French)

Information in English

WHO, the World Health Organisation, is responsible for coordinating the global response to human cases of avian flu and provides information in English.